Equine & Farm
Danvers 9 Wenham St, Danvers MA (978) 774-1069Hours: Mon - Fri: 8 to 5;  Sat: 8-4  Sun: Closed July-August
Chicken Seminar April 16th
Wild Bird
Delivery maybe within 2 days of schedule Call to confirm
Waltham 54 Emerson Rd, Waltham MA (781) 894-4880Hours: Mon - Fri: 8 to 5;  Sat: 8-4  Sun: closed
Lawn & Garden
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Chick  Delivery  Days
Chicken Seminar April 9th
Grass Seed Fast Acting, Slow Release, & Organic Fertilizers Lime Rakes & Shovels Spreaders Lawn Weed Controls Weed Killers Grub Control Insect Control Moss Control Fungicides Hoses & Sprinklers Soils
Bradfield Organics Neptune’s Harvest Ortho Eco Sense Milky Spore Disease Control Grub Control
Compost Peat Moss Soils Potting Mixes Organic Fertilizers Fish Emulsion fertilizers Insect Control Weed Control
Garden Supplies
Espoma Milorganite Bonide Miracle Gro Organic Holly Food Agway Organic 4-Stage Fertilizers Agway Organic Plant & Lawn Foods
Danvers 9 Wenham St, Danvers MA (978) 774-1069Hours: Mon - Fri: 8 to 5;  Sat: 8-4  Sun: 10 - 2
Soils & Mulches Plant Foods & Fertilizers (fast acting, slow release, and organic) Hand Tools Gloves Bulbs Seeds Seed Starting Supplies Trellises & Arbors Insect Control Fungus & Disease Control Weed Control Lime Netting Landscape Fabric
Lawn Care
Aluminum Sulfate Animal Repellants Animal Traps Pottery & Planters Window Boxes and Liners Hooks & Hangers Upside down planters Hoses & Sprinklers Watering Tools Watering Cans Fencing Stakes Edging Wheelbarrows Composters Rain Barrels
We understand why you love your pets, we love ours too! We have the highest quality pet food brands to keep your family members happy and healthy! We also stock accessories for cats, dogs, birds and guniea pigs in addition to toys and snacks.